Ecotick Certification

A testament of your commitment towards sustainable golf course practices and certified waste management processes.



Uncertainty around environmental claims is all too common – but Golf Ball Recycling’s Ecotick Certification cuts through the greenwash.

We make it simple for golfing businesses to effectively promote your recycling and waste management processes in a way that’s instantly recognisable to both the industry and your business brand partners.

The GBR Ecotick Certification and associated brands shows that your business is better for the environment, has a lower impact on human health and has certified waste management processes for your highest turnover product – golf balls.

Our stringent assessment procedures and robust standards mean GBR’s Ecotick Certification is trusted, rigorous and relevant for your industry.


Make a significant impact in reducing the detrimental effects of golf ball waste and contribute to a greener future with us.

Golf Ball Recycling was created because of the need to reduce the carbon footprint within the golf industry, and is driven by a passion for making a difference and improving the environment.

This is a great opportunity to highlight your club, course or golf business as being an eco-friendly business and showcase how important golf ball recycling is for the environment.

Ecotick Certification can only be achieved after completing of our Waste Management Planning program.


A strong program of waste management and reduction, inline with your corporate community responsibilities, can set your business apart from your competitors and show increased levels of community engagement and media opportunities.

As a part of the GBR Ecotick Certification Program, you will receive:

  • Placement as a registered GBR Ecotick Certified brand partner
  • Reports on landfill reduction achievements and how this impacts the wider environment
  • Opportunities for media placement (when available)

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