Golf Ball Recycling Pty Ltd (GBR) provides a national Reuse Repurpose Recycle service for commercial customers, golf courses and driving ranges.

Customers are given the option to Reuse or Repurpose golf balls:

  • Reused golf balls are graded and valued based on their quality, with credit payment going back to the customer. The Reuse service doesn’t charge for emptying bins, as the cost of emptying the Repurpose bin is offset using GBR’s Reuse credits.
  • Repurposed golf balls are recycled and use our Click Fore Collect service, with a cost associated with emptying Repurpose bins.

GBR 3-Star Partners are clubs that join us in the war against landfill by:

  • Using GBR white bins for Reusable course balls
  • Using GBR green bins for Recycling and Repurposing end of life balls
  • Implementing a GBR supported Waste Management Plan

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  • Clean, green and simple — all you need to do is get golf balls in the bin.
  • No fuss, clean and secure bins.
  • Easy to manoeuvre, and OH&S approved, wheelie bins.
  • Convenient online “Click Fore Collect” booking service.
  • E2E range balls. Purchase new range balls and have the old balls recycled with no bin costs.
  • Club branding on bins (optional).
  • Smaller 80lt sized bins available.
  • Corporate branded bins available.
  • GBR’s Project Team work with you to repurpose old golf balls into suitable uses and for special projects.

Commercial collection service fees and agreement will apply to the current year from 1 February 2024 to 30 January 2025.

Failure to Pay
Commercial collection charges must be paid in full prior to pick up. Failure to pay will result in the service being withdrawn without further notice.

Maintenance of Bin/s
Customers are responsible for the GBR bin maintenance. If there are any damages to the bins, Customers are asked to call GBR and arrange for a new bin. New bins will be delivered and charged at $175.00 per 240lt bin, plus freight.

Bin Security
Users of the service are asked to secure their bins. GBR bins are identified by the GBR logo displayed on the front.

Upon cancellation, GBR will collect the bin at the next scheduled pick up. If cancellation falls outside of this time an additional fee will be charged to the Customer. 

Non-Service Fees
Customers are responsible for requesting bin empty collections as per the Service Agreement. If there are no collection requests made within a 12 month period, a non-service fee may be charged and the Termination Clause may be enacted.

Termination Clause
GBR retains the right to terminate the Service Agreement and services to the Customer if the chosen bin collection frequency has not been requested within a 12
month period. A termination fee will be charged, equating to two bi-annual collections of a 240lt bin. In addition to the termination fee, a bin collection fee will also be charged for pick up of the GBR bin after termination.

Further Information
For further information on GBR’s Commercial Collection Service, please email