Waste Management Planning (WMP)

Reduce your carbon footprint and develop effective waste management policies and procedures with guidance from our expert consultants.

What is Waste Management Planning?

Waste management planning is used to assist golf courses, driving ranges and other businesses with receiving, sorting, using and disposing of all products, materials and other items used on the golf premises and surrounds.

A tailored plan helps you develop effective waste policies and procedures to reduce your carbon footprint.

Why do you need a WMP?

When implemented in line with your corporate community responsibilities, a strong waste management plan can set your business apart from competitors and show increased levels of community engagement.

A WMP is designed to complement our recycling service, and is included in the Reuse Repurpose Recycle program.

Why choose GBR?

With customised fee structures, a collaborative approach and a dedicated consultant, we’re committed to guiding you through every phase of the WMP process.

GBR facilitates further reduction of your environmental impact, helps divert waste from landfills, and ultimately a WMP decreases your long-term waste-related expenses.

Our expert consultants create a plan that’s specifically tailored to all aspects of your business, and in line with the National Action Plan, implemented by the Australian Government.

WMP Process Overview

The WMP process involves 5 steps – starting with a consultation and ending with audits.

Our process is intensive to ensure your WMP is comprehensive and effective across all aspects of your business operation.

It takes approximately 9-11 business days, with additional time for post WMP audits. Your consultant will provide you with an in-depth and customised proposal of the WMP process upon commencement.

After a completed WMP and follow-up audits, you’ll be awarded with a GBR Ecotick Certification.

The GBR Advantage

  • Potential additional revenue streams
  • Opportunity to upskill existing workforce
  • Government funding and grants
  • Public perception and increased goodwill
  • Minimal impact to general operations
  • No lock-in contract
  • Reduced landfill costs

Ecotick Certification

An instantly recognisable Ecotick Certification is awarded upon the completion of a WMP and follow-up audits.

The Ecotick is a testament of your commitment towards sustainable golf course practices and certified waste management processes.

The program not only contributes to environmental preservation but also positions your club as a forward-thinking entity committed to eco-friendly practices.

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